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From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to the Robert Morris School.  Robert Morris is a great school in the Brewerytown and Sharswood neighborhoods of Philadelphia.  At Robert Morris students achieve academic success through hard work, commitment and dedication.  Our goal is to encourage all students to strive for academic excellence. Our “Beehaviors for Bee-ing Successful” is the foundation for building a positive school culture.  The students of Robert Morris are respectful, responsible, safe and prepared.

The staff of Robert Morris Elementary School educate, support and challenge students through best instructional practices across all content areas.  In collaboration with our staff, parents and community work together to cultivate a positive school culture in order for students to succeed.

Our vision at Robert Morris is to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success for all students.  Through a collaborative effort among staff, students, parents and the community, Morris creates a caring, safe and nurturing environment where students reach their greatest potential and become responsible, respectful, and cooperative members of our society.  This guidance enables “our children” to successfully compete academically within our society.

At Robert Morris we believe in meeting the needs of the whole child.  With this in mind we offer many after school programs including but not limited to:

Pep Squad

Art Club

Student Ambassadors Program

Chess Club

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Mentoring Program

Young Gentlemen Club



Morris is a school community coming together as one because together we can do anything better.

Last modified: December 26, 2017